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Miscellaneous posts about things I’m interested in but I don’t want to dedicate an entire category to.

How to Build an Awesome Work Bench

ecently I decided that it was time to build myself a workbench in my garage. As the mechanic, groundskeeper, repairman, and scullery maid, I’m constantly digging through piles of tools and junk. Constantly. It’s a waste of life and can frustrate you on some days. I’ve built a couple of simple benches before, and I’ve…

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Louisville’s Homicide Problem

Like most cities these days, Louisville is under seige┬áby an abnormally high homicide rate. The theories for this phenomenon, which is happening in nearly every city in the US, are interesting, to say the least. Some are sound, some are stupid. Unfortunately, what’s being done falls on tiptoeing down the middle politically, which is resulting…

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