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Motion to Redocket

I filed a motion to redocket this case two weeks ago. The Judge sent me packing because I didn’t have any paperwork to show her that I’d sent the Petitioner’s attorney what I’d filed although the Clerk...

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Fourth Visit with Cecelia

I got to meet with Cecelia for 1 hour today again. This is so sad and stupid I can’t even put it into words. I can’t imagine how her mother thinks this is a good idea in any way. Cecelia tells me she wants me to talk...

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The Big Wedding Day

That magic day! We finally get married and say our wedding vows before God and everyone we hold dear. We will never leave one another! Until death do we part! Yes? No. It was all a big lie.

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Michael & Casey Meet

The perfect meeting story. At the beach in Gulf Shores, Alabama. Casey and Michael meet, become friends. I’m shy and around a month later ask her to dinner and a movie. She shows up for dinner, stoned, on Lortabs, drinks a...

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Divorce Settlement Official!

A day to forever remember and think about. Nearly seven years earlier, I had a person VOW to me before God and everyone we held dear that she would never leave me. Today, that was officially made a lie. A BIG one. Seh divorced...

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