The Face of Amazon

The Face of Amazon

Amazon‘s an incredible company. Its shares have risen 70% this year thanks to the China virus, making its value around $1.56 TRILLION. That’s a lot of dough. And the founder, Jeff Bezos, unsurprisingly, is the world’s richest person with a personal worth of around $186 billion. Not bad. He’s a mad genius to pull off what he has, to say the very least.

And he has no intention of slowing down. Amazon’s on a hiring spree, and it is a solid company. A great investment in other words. Some companies are easy to identify as such. Tesla. Netflix was one back in the day. I bought that stock when it was about $5.80 but had to sell it to survive. And I can pick stocks very well. Unfortunately, I don’t currently have play money to parlay into massive wealth.

In any case, and relatedly, I happen to work for Amazon. And when I got to work yesterday I was informed the media would be there during the morning and I would be the person to represent the company.

I’m glad I showered. There are thousands of people that work at that location, and I’ve mentioned before how diverse the makeup of Amazon is. Lots of languages and religions represented. The cultures are a breadbasket of every imaginable sex, shape, color, and belief. I saw a drag queen there one day. Everyone has tattoos and colored hair and dresses as they want, from pajamas to full body hajibs. Mohawks, mullets and every color and style of hair you can dream of. Body modifications, piercings, and facial accessories galore. Today was actually a day they wanted people to come to work in their pajamas to raise money, and I thought “people wear their pajamas in here to work every day. Am I the only one that’s noticed?” Apparently so.

So when it’s time to present Amazon to the public, who do they turn to? Who is it that they think Amazon looks like? A West-coast Seattle company that is all about breaking the norms and achieving the best? Apparently a middle-aged white man. I find that interesting. There are lots of men and women that work there who are older than I am. And many, unsurprisingly, who are younger. And every nationality around: lots of Africans, Asians, Hispanics….not many Europeans, though. Many women. And men who want to be women and vice versa. Thousands of people to choose from. And Amazon chose me. I also think has to do with the fact I do my job very well and I tend to dress relatively nicely. But it was flattering.

Three different media groups came through and filmed me. Here’s the local Louisville story.

The other two will be on CNBC and Fox Business News hopefully. Who knows where that footage will end up?