Mystery Science Theater 3000 Episodes


Classic Mystery Science Theater 3000 Episodes

This is a repo of links to full-length MST3k Episodes, with shorts.

I began posting links that I thought would be around for a while, like to Shout! Factory, etc…because these episodes are taken down all the time. I’m posting these as I watch them, and I usually watch my favorites repetitively. Sad, I know. It’s fair to say I’m a fan of the show.

Since I’m posting a link to each show, I’m considering writing a post with comments enabled for each show instead, or to accompany each episode. At some point. It seems like it would be fun to write about each episode as I post them. There are a lot of shows, around 197 “classic” eps, so that’s a lot of posts, but when it’s all done, I may have something kind of cool on my hands. Or super-lame and time-consuming. I’m posting these (sort-of) in order of my “most favorite” to least, although I’m noticing the Pareto Principle at work. I like some of them equally, so it’s not like it’s a contest.

I have a YouTube playlist of some of the better episodes as well that you can just hit the couch, check autoplay and binge out.

Season One

112: Untamed Youth

Season Two

209: The Hellcats

Season Three

306: Time of The Apes

315: Teenage Caveman

Season Four

402: The Giant Gila Monster

424: Manos: The Hands of Fate (Short: Hired! Part 2)

Season Five

501: Warrior of the Lost World

506: Eegah!

508: Operation Double 007

519: Outlaw of Gor

512: Mitchell

Season Six

603: The Dead Talk Back (Short: The Selling Wizard)

604: Zombie Nightmare

621: The Beast of Yucca Flats

623: The Amazing Transparent Man (Short: The Days of Our Years)

Season Seven

705: Escape 2000

Season Eight

802: The Leech Woman

816: The Prince of Space

820: Space Mutiny

Season Nine

910: The Final Sacrifice

Season Ten

1002: The Girl in Gold Boots

1006: Boggy Creek II: And the Legend Continues

1012: Squirm

Season Eleven

The Movie, And Other Stuff

Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Movie – This Island Earth

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