My life involves law and lawyers, which I hate. I thought seriously about going to law school, both because law interests me, I like writing, Latin and persuasive writing especially, as in arguing. But not arguing as most people know it. Not “fighting.” Defending a writ of the law of using reason and deliberate thought and evidence to support a claim. That’s far from what most people do when they “argue” these days. And I don’t mean that I hate all people that are lawyers. I have many good friends who are lawyers, God bless their scaly souls. I just found I couldn’t separate moral from legal enough to ask for a paycheck to do it, no matter how large.

I declined and got an MBA instead because 98% of lawyers end up being scumbuckets without scruples and are just doing “a job” whether it destroys lives and epic assets and families with no worry. The remaining 2% which lamentably is still a large figure, are people handling trusts and legal, real estate, commercial, patent, intellectual, business, and host of necessary tasks that are required for us creating a system that’s so archaic and befuddling a team of brains can’t usually figure it all out.

The rest of the legal system is populated by professional academics of highly varying capabilities that manipulate the law as it suits their cases. The legal system in the US supports it because judges are rewarded by the number of caseloads and being able to yell “NEXT!” instead of any evaluation of the quality of the outcome of the case. It’s amassing as much paperwork for themselves to gripe about, blame inefficiencies on, and defend the exorbitant salaries and perks they get. It’s become a self-feeding cycle with no value being produced, or quality of production, just based upon input. It’s a recipe for failure.

I’m currently wrapped up in it thanks to my ex-wife, and so is our daughter unwittingly and frustratingly, and tragically. I’m the only one that seems to care, and my activity is to release us from the cyclic system we’ve been thrust into and move to greener pastures with more freedom and sanity. None of that exists in this current city, “family” or state we’re in, both abstract and literal.

I’,m trying to keep track of what I’m doing, what’s going gon and an eye on where I want to head, as opposed to where others want to go, either by design or apathy. The best way I see is to be keeping notes each time something happens on a timeline to refer to and judge what steps are most prudent, given the past decisions and outcomes. It’s not for public evaluation necessarily, although if anyone can suggest some more opportune paths they can speak up. I can’t and don’t know everything, obviously. But it’s been made clear where I’m on my own on this road and where there might be roadsigns and light to help guide. My friends who have spent gazillions of dollars on lawyers and time going through this mess before, for example, are massively useful. As well as the Clerk of Court. Although the people there act as if they’d rather be at home watching Star Trek, they are knowledgeable, courteous, and helpful as much or more than anyone. Which is saying something.

That’s why I’m chronicling this. As well as if Cecelia wants to ever see what went on during this time. I’m forbidden from speaking about tit with her, which I don’t think is appropriate. But I know for a fact her mother is discussing it with her and trying to manipulate things so that it’s the judge’s and my fault we’re in this awful mess. Nothing to do with her at all. Ever. I’m positive about it. I have evidence, which is what I want to present to the judge about holding her in contempt on July 22.

And please note: While a lot of it currently revolves around custody and legal drama my ex-wife has intentionally stirred for no good reason, it’s not limited to that by a long shot. Oh, Nooooooooo. I have lawyers involved in business and civil and even criminal matters thanks to having been married to one single person. Truly a tornado of destruction, she is.