Stella Blue is a special edition, 2017 Fender Telecaster that’s been offset to resemble the bodystyle of a Fender Jazzmaster. A “Jazzcaster” as it’s often called. Some people insist it’s just the body of a Fender Jaguar, but it’s not. Those are the voices of ignorance and jealousy, akin to those that would try and convince you a fiberglass replica of a Shelby Cobra is the same as an authentic Shelby Cobra. Not even close. This is special-built guitar and unique to its class with all the features, subtleties, performance, and characteristics that define it and separate it from anything else.

fender limited edition

She’s a more intimate instrument than Red Molly and sits differently on your lap. Without sounding too weird or anything. She’s lighter, and faster and is great guitar to play when you want the Jazzmaster sound with the best features of a Telecaster. There aren’t any compromises, because the best of both worlds are present. It’s simply an awesome guitar to play and I’m happy I decided to pick her up. The paint job is deep and reminiscent of that of looking into the fender of a Ferrari. I would imagine it’s the guitar Johnny Marr would choose if he only one choice of guitar. I have no way to verifying that, but there’s more proof to the statement than opposition to it. He’d probably prefer a tremolo bar, but I’m happy to not have or use one because I’m not Johnny Marr and never will be. Here’s to trying, though!

Offset Fender Telecaster