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Louisville’s Homicide Problem

Like most cities these days, Louisville is under seige by an abnormally high homicide rate. The theories for this phenomenon, which is happening in nearly every city in the US, are interesting, to say the least. Some are sound, some are … Continue reading

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Add Another Log to the Fire

ike I have so much spare time, I just started another blog because of a sort of impulsive purchase of Automattic, which is a company owned by the co-founder of WordPress, bought the right to sell the TLD .blog … Continue reading

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My Sweet Old Dog Annie

nnie and I have been together for a long time, even though I adopted her when she was 5. She’s a great dog, and her health is great, even though she’s about to be 15 years old. Even by human … Continue reading

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Phil Hartman as Frank Sinatra as The Grinch

It doesn’t get much funnier than this. Grinch-Sinatra from Michael Musgrove on Vimeo.

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The Old Website Switcheroo

hanks to having my old domain hostage by my previous host, whom I won’t name, and a hosting account active with no domain suddenly attached, I dusted off and made it the primary domain at the active host. I’m … Continue reading

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