Here’s my general-purpose resume, no-frills. I’ve helped hundreds of graduate business students craft their resumes, and I promise, getting my own up to snuff is always the hardest. As it’s said: the cobbler’s shoes are always the worst-worn.

But a resume is to get a foot in the door. To open up a dialogue. So it doesn’t need to cover every achievement in detail. Used to be one page was the rule, with no exceptions unless you had publications and that would be a CV. But with the average time a person spending 3 years in each job these days before moving on, it’s impossible to limit resumes to just one page. I don’t know what tyrant dictated that rule, anyway. 3-4 bullets per position are fine for people who haven’t accomplished a lot in their career or have accomplished so much they really don’t need a CV anymore. Everyone in the industry knows who they are.