Learn how to get Things Done

The title of this lesson is larger than stated. Easy to say, I know. but it takes a diligent mindset to figure out who makes the decisions, who doesn’t who acts like they do but don’t (way more of these than ever needed) and connect all the dots so you can see the chain of completion and get what needs to be done, done. This is for more complex tasks than getting your driver’s license, obviously. But there are infinite complex ways that this world has systems set up to work, and knowing how to navigate them all is impossible. Choose some smartly and dedicate yourself to figuring out how to get to the end result you seek. That’s abstract, I know. It’s why it’s coming along beyond the other lessons as we look down this road.

Planning is easy. Implementation, execution, and closing are hard. It’s why people that can do it are paid well. It’s not for beginners. Lots of people aren’t sure what “closing” they’re thinking about either I notice. There are actors and poseurs, which I will personally testify to but I give no free passes to.

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