Have You Ever Installed an SSL Certificate to Your Site?

Because I just did, as I do every year and it was brutal. It makes the trip the Hobbits made to Mordor seem like a hop down the bunny trail, to use some Easter-imagery, since Easter is this weekend.

The hoops you have to jump through to make your site secure have become so convoluted you need a Master’s degree to pull it off. I’m pretty technically adept, and it’s such a non-linear pathway that it resembles the Scrambler at the County fair more than a spaghetti noodle to me. I can’t imagine what an average person would think if they wanted to build a site. I guess that’s why there are people like me who get paid to do such magic. And companies like Wix and Squarespace make billions. And only hope they could be as clever as Elon Musk at making those billions. Holy Moley that guy’s rich, and only going to keep getting richer. He’s a Supernova.

A resting area for my journey to secure my site via SSL certificate. Somebody inject some UX designers there, quick!


Which is something that’s going to help a lot with trying to introduce my daughter to the world beyond these dark grey city limits in Louisville. The ball is rolling, finally. I should say the freight train, which has been more like what it’s felt like I’ve been pushing and pulling for years to get moving after the sudden divorce which rendered me stunned in the water bobbing around n every way imaginable, as well as our daughter, who is still floating around town with no real home of her own. People won’t believe the stories coming out of this situation with her mother “taking care” of her. One look at her half-shaved head, oversized 3rd-rate shoes, and filthy clothes, and body will tell you the story there. Tired and hungry all the time. No bedroom of her own, no bed of her own, no closet of vanity o bureau to house her clothes. She tells me she keeps her clothes in a dirty pile on the floor and she’s having to feed herself. Cereal, cookies, pizza, doughnuts, cookies….the usual fare of a 6-year-old child who’s left on their own. I see bags under her eyes, dirt under her nails, no underwear for the third time, and a trail of absences from school almost equal to the number of times present. It’s one thing to live in squalor because you’re poor, but it’s another because you’re lazy and unorganized and culturally apathetic and anemic. And that’s what we’re getting, Round Two, with Cecelia. Megan was Round One. The daughter of a professor not bothering to even go to college says it all. She probably could go for free at her mother’s community haven. Negligence and apathy. The only things that are worse than direct abuse. Not caring at all. Just respond and react to “life” in a Lassaiz-Faire manner, as she was raised and is emulating in its dysfunctional entirety plus some for effect.

I called all this. Who is this supposed to be helping? Society? Our daughter? No and No.

So I’m happy to report I’m about to begin correcting this situation. I sent an email to my father since we haven’t spoken in over 12 years now, to explain the lines of communication are always open on this end, and never got a response. How a grandfather can shun such a sweet little girl I have no idea. I also got a message from Cecelia’s Facebook Kid’s Messenger from MY aunt Penny who, in a bout with sanity, told Cecelia she loves her and for her to go see her in Alabama. That’s a thinker. I explained she can’t read still, nor drive and was currently being held hostage by her mother as I predicted years earlier with a response of hostility and resentment. No reply there, either. I’m jotting/journaling this here so people can’t accuse me of ever being the difficult one here. I am just steadfast in the truth, which people don’t seem to respect as much as they preach they do. I’ve taken the slings and arrows as a consequence to prove it, believe me, as now has Cecelia.

I’m very excited about this company I’m working with: Online Capital and admire the man who’s my boss, which is important in the business world/life. You have to share the same vision and passions and excitement for what he’s building to give every bit, as we always should. If you don’t buy in, then your heart will never be in it. I believe in his vision and know he can pull off what I think he and both see the company being able to become. He has a track record of success and is a genuinely good guy who is able to form a meeting of the mind with me, which is important. That’s also tough. I can be scatterbrained from doing too much at once, I admit and there aren’t a lot of people that figure me out, but he does, and that’s noted. But this is a company I think we’ll be able to grow to be something very big, so this is an exciting opportunity for me. These opportunities don’t come along often, if ever, in life. So I’m happy to report the black clouds are finally separating and I am beginning to smell that sweet, salty South Carolina beach air again. Even the pluff mud is going to smell like a garden of roses. I can’t wait to carry Cecelia into the Atlantic Ocean.

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