Classic Mystery Science Theater 3000 Episodes

This is a repo of links to full-length MST3k Episodes, with shorts.

I began posting links that I thought would be around for a while, like to Shout! Factory, etc…because these episodes are taken down all the time. I’m posting these as I watch them, and I usually watch my favorites repetitively. Sad, I know. It’s fair to say I’m a fan of the show.

*Edit, June 12, 2021:

A LOT has just happened with MST3K and what appears to be a merger with RiffTrax.

This is a fine and shrewd business move in my humble opinion. There were a lot of egos, creative wires, history, and money getting tangled up between the two. It was diverting into one route being MST3K going odd to find a home, which after Netflix pulled the cash flow plug was going to be hard.

The 3 main RiffTrax guys, however, stayed their course, went with the way the wind was blowing, dated technologically, and were doing fine. This obviously caught the attention of the MST3K guys, notably one of the original creators, Joel Hodgson. It leaves Jim Fallon out of the picture, who had always been in the shadows anyway. But from what I can figure, Jim wanted the money and be a “silent partner,” but in the real world, if you can’t produce, there’s no reason you should be receiving money. That’s just freeloading at a point.

So Joel and Mike have shaken hands and gotten on the same boat, which should yield some great results. The “new” MST3K with Patton Oswalt, the gigantic team of overpaid writers, and the creation of a whole new setting and scenario with the daughter of Pearl Forrester, and Jonah, and the new guys were a TOTAL BOMB.

So it appears they’re getting their footing, in real-time, and rejigging everything to be a streaming service of some sort and a new RiffTrax App. The old RiffTrax App was mostly pointless, except for using the audio-only “just the jokes” product, which I’ve never delved into. It doesn’t work for how I enjoy the whole thing.

So, it’s all coming online now, Summer 2021. New episodes, new material and we’ll see what else. I hope they don’t over-reach into merchandise and marketing and trying to invent all sorts of new payment plans to rope people into watching and enjoying their work. No one likes that.

Since I’m posting a link to each show, I’m considering writing a post with comments enabled for each show instead, or to accompany each episode. At some point. It seems like it would be fun to write about each episode as I post them. There are a lot of shows, around 197 “classic” eps, so that’s a lot of posts, but when it’s all done, I may have something kind of cool on my hands. Or super-lame and time-consuming. I’m posting these (sort-of) in order of my “most favorite” to least, although I’m noticing the Pareto Principle at work. I like some of them equally, so it’s not like it’s a contest.

I have a YouTube playlist of some of the better episodes as well that you can just hit the couch, check autoplay, and binge out.

I also have al the old episodes available on Google Drive, so if you want to grab them, I can share them with you there, if you know anything about how Google Drive works. It’s easy and free. Just let me know.

I’m slowly moving the links below from YouTube to the shared links in my Google Drive. That gives me a little more security over keeping them accessible. Plus there are some episodes, such as The Final Sacrifice, which keep being taken down for one reason or another.

Season One

112: Untamed Youth

Season Two

209: The Hellcats

Season Three

306: Time of The Apes

315: Teenage Caveman

Season Four

402: The Giant Gila Monster

424: Manos: The Hands of Fate (Short: Hired! Part 2)

Season Five

501: Warrior of the Lost World

506: Eegah!

508: Operation Double 007

519: Outlaw of Gor

512: Mitchell

Season Six

603: The Dead Talk Back (Short: The Selling Wizard)

604: Zombie Nightmare

621: The Beast of Yucca Flats

623: The Amazing Transparent Man (Short: The Days of Our Years)

Season Seven

705: Escape 2000

Season Eight

802: The Leech Woman

816: The Prince of Space

820: Space Mutiny

Season Nine

910: The Final Sacrifice

Season Ten

1002: The Girl in Gold Boots

1006: Boggy Creek II: And the Legend Continues

1012: Squirm

Season Eleven

The Movie, And Other Stuff

Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Movie – This Island Earth