Man, what a kick in the pants. I was just telling my boss how important the “About” page is on websites. I decided to visit mine while I was at it, and lo and behold: BLANK PAGE!

I had a world-class About page. Where did it go? These are the types of things that plague website owners and managers and content creators and managers and developers and web designers and basically every hat I wear to keep this website operating like Peking. So when there’s a man down on the site, it concerns me.

So, apologies for there being no “About” here except “about” why there’s nothing relevant about me here.


So, bear with me and I’ll create another and post it. The lamest thing I can think of is spending my time writing an “about me” page, which has to be the most self-absorbed activity, ever. But my public wants to know!

Like this:

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