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Anycubic Mega S 3D Printer Tricks

If you own an Anycubic Mega S, as I do, here are the best ways to set things up, find resources, help, and do things for yourself to fix, modify and learn about your printer and the best ways to use, and not to abuse, the machine.

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Beyond 3D Printing Basics

I‘m 81% into the biggest printing project to data, which is a marble-run contraption that has an auger in the center to house the marbles back up to the top so the fun never ends. It was designed by someone else,...

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3D Printing – The Basics

We’ve left the stratosphere and are taking orbit! Things are starting to make sense, I’ve compiled a lot of resources and am learning lots. So 3D life is good. I’m sharing what I’ve learned and found so far here.

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After doing a lot of research and waiting years to buy my first 3D printer, I chose the ANYCUBIC Mega S. Some others I looked at closely were the Ender 3 from Creality and the Genius from Artillery. The reason is that it was the...

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