My lawyer was supposed to email me photos the officer took, promised the last time we met, which if I remember was in August 2021?

So after calling her 2 times and still not being given any way to directly contact her(which I can understand to a degree, but she still could set up a free google # and email dedicated to clients that need to reach her. Otherwise forget it.)

And the can has been kicked down the road for 6 more weeks. The reason? The prosecutor wants to get the body cam footage. Which could have and should have been done months and months ago. Same with getting the photos that surfaced today.

The photos were as ridiculous as this whole nonsense is. I photo of a fat gut that supposedly I kicked. With no marks or anything representing any injury as alleged. And a leg, COVERED in bruises. Up and down. But a finger points to one. There was another photo taken later that had a cut across the leg. I asked our daughter once where they were all coming from because they are omnipresent. She claims gardeneing.

But here’s the worst thing to happen: The lawyer told me the prosecutor told her the reason My sweet daughter and I were imprisoned in parent/child prison, known as “supervised Access” was get this:

Because her mother is telling our daughter that I want to kill her(the mother), so we can only meet with some stranger watching us for 60 minutes per week if we’re lucky (we just went over a month without being able to see or speak to one another.) And keep in mind I can’t speak to my daughter about anything at all but the color of the walls.

This mind you was after this past Wednesday when my daughter told me her mother was telling her she could only have me or her. But not both and she had to choose, apparently, when her mother asks and stands over her. That’s a lot of pressure to answer her mother, who has a demonstrated and persistent temper. This means she holds grudges and is stubborn to the point of being uncompromising. About superficial things, unfortunately, and not matters of character and high standards of any sort for herself or our daughter.

Next date: March 11, @9am. I have made it known I am resolute about either having this case dismissed or taking it to trial. One or the other but I’m not accepting any deals that even remotely suggest guilt. And they’ve been made and they’re as ridiculous as this entire thing.

It’s up to the prosecutor and the ex/mother/petitioner. And she has everything just as she likes it as far as custody and not having to deal with my reason, logic, and over-the-top good parenting which makes her feel like crap obviously, so no one expects her to play nice, ever. Keep in mind the lengths she’s gone through to MAKE things as she wants them, which is to exploit anything she can to gain the smallest amount of meaningless control. At everyone’s expense but her own. Of all the crazy things going on here, the craziest is our daughter barely stays with her mom, anyway. Doesn’t even stay with Cecelia! She makes her sleep at a 19-year-old’s with Lord knows who else staying there, and her drug dealer, who she bought a house directly NEXT DOOR TO! Have these facts mattered to anyone but me and my sweet, who was once an innocent, little girl? No. It’s about superficial personal control on someone’s part who can’t earn respect, so they go the authoritarian route(“do as I say not as I do,” “Because I said so,” etc…)