I filed a motion last week to go before the judge and ask for the supervised access to be lifted today.

The judge is giving more credence to the mother’s attorney than me. For a fact. That’s not blind justice. It’s working things how she wants them to so that they will be handled how she wants them to, not how they’re meant to be.

And the attorney for the mother showed up and alleged a bunch of junk that was deceptive and unnecessary which of course the judge allowed him to ramble on about as long as he wanted. I don’t get such liberties, even when I’ve prepared what I want to present in outlined, bullet-pointed, concise formats.

So after a bunch of blah-blah, as usual, the judge said “See you Sept 17” once again. I explained each day that passes is one I will never get back without my daughter and me seeing one another again. And that each day brings harm and destruction to our relationship.

Our daughter is telling me disparaging things that the mother says about me. That’s breaking an order which I’ve pointed out to the judge several times now. Her response? Save it for September 17. Can’t be bothered. I’ve seen kid’s lemonade stands run better than our judicial system.