The date for the EPO hearing comes. I have an emotional breakdown in the courtroom, which is unlike me, a very stolid person. She serves me divorce papers as I enter the courtroom as a “welcome back, good to see you.”

The case is dismissed within 10 minutes because she had no case. There was no evidence, and reason to consider her lies. She hadn’t ever called the police because there was never a reason to, and she was making things up.

This allowed me to see Cecelia for the first time in a long time. But this was the begging of the end and a day that would live in infamy.

I would see just how evil and careless a person could be, and how heartless. Not just a dark heart. No heart.

4 years almost to the day, she would file another EPO, but she learned her lesson this time and called the police to have a report taken. That was all she overlooked, even if it’s a lie. And all that the law requires to jail someone, take their child from them, and send them into a circle of legal and bureaucratic insanity.