SO I get a text at about 9:30 this morning from the “Children’s Safe Haven” which his the for-profit facility, entrusted by the state and judicial circuit court 6 to oversee supervised access to children by their parents. What could possibly go wrong?

Lots of things. And of course, they are at every step.

Last week my 1 hour with my daughter was suspended 3 days after my visit because, according to the person that was there, and no one else, no supervisor, manager, or anyone, touching my daughter’s head with a sanitary wipe for .05 of a second was “inappropriate” to the point of suspending services and not allowing a child to be with her father for 1 hour a week.

I called the case manager, who had already been called by the person who reprimanded my for the unspeakable act of horror I committed. He said he could not help me at all, he had no supervisor, and the only “redress” which a word he seemed to really like, was to file a motion and speak with the judge. So I did.

And today I got a text from the center saying my visitation was canceled tomorrow. When I asked why I got a text saying the mother was worried about exposure to COVID-19. It wasn’t stated whether that exposure worry was with me, or from Cecelia, our daughter. No test has been done on her, and she’s in an age group that has a .00000000000000000000000000000001 chance of contracting it, and if so, to recover immediately.

I ask her for documentation, and she says because of HIPPA laws she couldn’t tell me more and to have my lawyer contact them.

I explain I’m Pro Se and the father of the minor, so that doesn’t apply.

She then asks if I’d like to see a copy of their guidelines.

I reply I do not and ask if they are refusing to supply documentation of the event.

Their response is a photo f the back cover of their book that states they don’t give out details of cancellations due to arguments between the parents.

Am I the only one who smells something fishy here?

SO I”m going to see about subpoenaing the documents to provide to the judge this Thursday when I have a hearing with her about this She has been in a bad mood lately and hung up on me the last hearing. So I don’t expect a warm, happy welcome. Ever. By anyone in this freak sideshow in a circus of bureaucratic insanity.