Today, as I promised the people at the Children’s Safe Haven, I went and got a Subpoena to gather the documents from the Children’s Safe Haven since they refused to cooperate in any way. When people refuse to show or give you something, it’s not because they’re proud of it. They’re trying to hide something.

And this whole thing is fishy, and at best, the operations at the CSH are as sloppy as a 5-year-old’s toybox.

No one keeps documentation. Texts are the way they keep a record, supposedly. No documentation can be seen and there’s no paper trail of anything, which is what they prefer and how they’re allowed to operate.

I show up at the office and show the receptionist, who’s a supervisor of kids and parents, and probably an “owner” as everyone claims they are. She says she doesn’t know what I’m talking about and she’ll call the person who handled the cancellation.

She comes back and says she has nothing but I can speak to the Executive director. Actually, she said she was going to have me removed from the place before that, presumably by calling the police, which she didn’t do.  Because that would have opened up another can of worms.

So the Executive Director calls me. She works from home and doesn’t even come into the office and has no access to anything at her house, of course.

We discuss what happened and she says that there is a 10 day period that the child must wait until coming into the facility if she’s found to have COVID-19. Which won’t be tested I bet you. I have no way of contacting the mother, so I cannot know. How our 6-year-old daughter would have possibly come into contact with COVID-19 is anyone’s guess, because it’s a lie, she’s won’t be tested for it, because she doesn’t have it and it’s a lie, and there won’t be any follow-up by the mother, I assure you, because it’s a lie.

This situation was initiated by a lie, and it’s being perpetuated by lies. By the mother, and that’s what she thinks is best for our daughter. No contact with her father anymore. She’s decided that herself and lied her way into exploiting the legal system to take care of it for her.

I have a court date the day after tomorrow. The judge, I assure you, is going to be put out when she sees my face. But I’ve been told this is the only “redress” I have. No one else can help me. Not the case manager, not the people operating the service that controls the visits. No one.

Subpoena of csh docs I secured