As usual, my meeting with the judge once again yielded no progress, no help, and no nothing. No one’s interested in Cecelia but me. I’m her attorney. The judge is more interested in procedure, the other attorney is more interested in being paid by the mother, who is interested only in herself, and paying the lawyer would help pull the curtain back on what she’s doing. THAT is the WHOLE reason she’s engaged us in this stupid selfish Hell she’s created for me and Cecelia. The attorney does NOT represent Cecelia in the least, which is an assumption erroneously made about these things. He cares nothing about her. She doesn’t pay him anything.

The Children’s Safe Haven is no help and obviously has been created by hustlers that saw a way to exploit the judicial system for-profit and have no accountability. What could go wrong there?

So the judge actually gave me some time today, being the last on her docket, and after I patiently waited over two hours to speak with her. The generosities by those we’ve put in governmental positions of power are overwhelmingly heartwarming.

So once again she used the Ex Parte excuse to not do anything today. I have a motion hour scheduled for Monday which I’ll appear at, but the mother and her attorney I assure you will be absent. Why wouldn’t they be? It isn’t in either of their best interests.