Today is Monday, which means “Motion Hour” at 11:30.  That’s when the judge typically puts things on her docket to hear at a later date in more detail, meaning more than 1 minute. The way they talk about their caseload, you would think they never worked in the private sector. Which is likely the case.

So after waiting my usual 4 hours to be the last person spoken to, which is the usual way we work together these days, the judge got to me. And I explained to her that I wasn’t trying to prove I “knew more than the court” which I realized was her worry from an earlier remark a week or so ago. As if I care. – That’s the funny way people perceive things so differently. I’m just trying to see my daughter more, and more quickly, while the judge thinks I have some agenda to usurp or undermine her power.  You can see how we’re looking at things, the same thing-being my case, in many different ways.

And I finally go the petitioner’s attorney to state that he wanted to receive filings electronically. He’s very passive-aggressive, which is not a way to get anywhere in life, and I imagine it’s the same in attorney-land. SO I sent him the filing I was in court about t at that very same moment and the paperwork it was in relation to. And of course, he didn’t appear in court.

And my big mistake was that I didn’t point that out and that the reason he wasn’t appearing in court was that his client isn’t paying him. NOT that he’s not getting the memo’s as the Judge seems to pretentiously pretend to think. Everyone has to play the stupid game.

So said our goodbyes and I got some things in I wanted the judge to know as well as some more face-time with her, which I don’t think is a bad thing. When it comes down to me and the petitioner being in the same room with her, I’m going to look like a normal person and the petitioner more than likely will be hostile and show her butt, as she has done every time she gets in court.

BUT! And here’s where things changed today.

I realized, why wasn’t I just sending a motion in to have the supervised visitation lifted? Plain and simple? Duh!

So I raced to the courthouse and filed a motion to have the supervised access lifted, with some very compelling reasons being given, I thought, like it causing emotional harm to the child. It being destructive to our relationship. It enabling the mother to continue manipulating our daughter? Some things like that for example. Yes!

So I fled that, got it on the docket for a month earlier than the judge’s planned inferno she’s requesting. When I told her to place a contempt of court and domestic abuse case to be heard in the same room together as she’s insisting, to “save time” is the same as putting fire and gas together, she just laughed. Yes. ha. ha. so. funny. You can see where the priorities are for our Family Court system.

So I’m going to send the petitioner his paperwork right before that hearing. To extend the very same courtesies he’s given me. And then get the access lifted and see about being with my sweet little girl again. To think what my ex-wife must be thinking to separate me and Cecelia like this for so long is something only Satan is possible of putting in a person’s mind because it’s too low and horrible for even the basest of humans to come up with.