I got to meet with Cecelia for 1 hour today again. This is so sad and stupid I can’t even put it into words. I can’t imagine how her mother thinks this is a good idea in any way. Cecelia tells me she wants me to talk to that judge again so she can come to stay with me. This gets me a “Red Flag” by the supervisor who’s spending 98% of the entire “supervised” visit on the phone with someone not even paying attention. She didn’t even fill out a blank she left herself to complete with the name of the board game Cecelia and I was playing with one another. But she had time to write me up. They only are looking for negative things to remark on, I believe. Cecelia STILL had stitches iin her forehead and a bandage over them. PLUS scars on her spine where she told me she fell down the stairs. It’s ridiculous. She has to sleep in the basement, tells me she has roaches and bugs in her bed, there are mice in the house, and she’s being injured more each time I see her. And she has dirt all under her fingernails and black paint/nail polish all over her.

So I file a child abuse motion and several contempt f court motions that are all WAY overdue on JUne 24.