I filed a motion to redocket this case two weeks ago. The Judge sent me packing because I didn’t have any paperwork to show her that I’d sent the Petitioner’s attorney what I’d filed although the Clerk sends it to him and everyone knows it. This is like some big dumb game that involves shuffling a ton of paperwork around to validate some people’s education. This could all be done electronically, but it’s still done via tree shavings. And just the slightest whim keeps the slow train sputtering down the tracks. And the judge’s and attorney’s bank accounts are nice and fluffy. It’s sickening.

So today I show up nice and early. I sit there, patiently for about an hour. When the Bailiff comes out and asks who’s still here because the judge is going to take a 20-minute break. He tells me he called during the 5 seconds I stepped out to go to the restroom. And that was enough to render the whole thing “Moot” according to the sheriff’s deputy. The Petitioner’s attorney didn’t show up at all. And the whole day and hearing were shot, just like that. Tell me the judge doesn’t give a crap about this case. And I’ll Agree.

So I filed ANOTHER Motion to Redocket. For July 8. That’s over 2 months since this stupidity began.

And while I was there I filed a few Motions to hold Casey in Contempt of Court for good measure. I’m filing a Motion to have her take a drug screening tomorrow. We have another hearing on the 28th. Should be interesting.