I had motion hour today at 11:30. The other party or her attorney didn’t show up. After waiting several hours and being called, I was sent packing again. The judge remanded my motion because she said I had no legal basis for filing a motion for child neglect, despite there being stitches in Cecelia’s head, bruises and scabs down her back from falling down the stairs, testimony from the Children’s Safe Have about her having bugs, roaches, and mice in her bed, having to sleep in the basement, not being allowed to sit on her mother’s lap and a long list of distressing situations.

The thing is, I don’t want to involve CPS, the government, a bunch of idiotic bureaucrats, and have Cecelia taken away from her parents, as much as I believe her mother is neglecting her. I’ve seen that even though something is bad, it can always get worse.  So I’m going to let that lie for now. The judge also keeps telling me to get a lawyer, as if that hasn’t crossed my mind. Paying someone $275 an hour to file paperwork and yak on the phone is a waste of time and money.

I’ll see where the multiple contempt of court motions gets us. The next hearing date where I Might be able to plea for dismissal and lift the Supervised Access is July 8, 2021. Sheesh. The earliest I could redocket thanks to the judge taking an extended vacation.