I was permitted to visit with my daughter for the 5th hour in nearly over two months today. yay.

Thanks to a series of retarded events with the judge and court, I won’t be able to ask for a dismissal and lift the supervised access, which is stupid and torturous, until July 8. But I got to see Cecelia today and talk to her off the record, which was something, sadly. The “supervisor” always talks on the phone 98% of the time which allows us to whisper to each other like prisoners held in a concentration camp.

She’s getting bigger, and complained of being tired, which I could tell It must be snowing in Hell For her say she’s tired. But she’s been sending all her time over at a friend of Casey’s since her mother doesn’t really care about being with her. This whole thing is about keeping me at arm’s length so she can’t be evaluated as a parent and person, for obvious reasons. And to develop some type of sense of control in her mind, whether real or not. And it’s not. It’s false. But that doesn’t matter to some people who live their lives upon lies and the imaginary.

But along with getting no sleep, she told me she had a doughnut and cold pizza for breakfast. And had dirt all under her fingernails, which is a sign of a lack of hygiene and an attentive parent. Plus food and stains all over her dress. And her hair becoming unkempt. It’s details and setting examples that’s important in these stages of life, and her mom is dropping the ball left and right, which she wants no one to make a note of. Still, stitches on her head, which she said was bleeding, bruises all over, and cat scratches on her legs. That’s since the last week I saw her. And she’s moving into a camper. Wonderful!