The night before, late, I realize something’s not right. I check the bank account to see where she has used the credit cards and ATM, and it’s empty. Al our money had been removed from our accounts.

I send her a text to let me know where Cecelia was so I didn’t have to file an Amber Alert.

I get a text back to call her attorney.

That’s Monday morning. She left everything behind at the house for me to deal with, had taken her meager wardrobe from the trip before, and had the children. I wouldn’t see Cecelia for months, and she had broken our family up and marital bond apart.

No reason was provided to anyone, because the reason would have made her look horrible, rightfully. She had her plan, had gotten tenure used me for all she needed since her older daughter was nearing adulthood, and could pay for whatever she needed now that we had planted her in her dream job. At my total expense, with no job or income and a barren bank account. Things go downhill from there, incredibly.