This was THE BIG DAY. The day the judge kicked all the cans to. And what happens? I can’t log onto Zoom to get to the hearing. Zoom would let me start a meeting but not join. I uninstalled and reinstalled and wasn’t sure whether to call someone after the hearing time had begun since the court was in session or what.

It was a disaster. I didn’t make the hearing that I had looked forward to for….months. I finally was able to log on afterward, and Judge Ward saw I was signed in and pulled me u. I was able to go onto the record and explain the reason I wasn’t able to attend was due to tech. problems.

I asked the Judge what her ruling(s) were and her response was “you know how to file motions.” And then pretty much hung up on me. Great!

2 weeks later – today, in fact is OVER 2 weeks, still no filing from that hearing by Judge Ward. So I don’t know what’s going on.

In that case, I decided to take the bull by the horns and go file a motion to lift the stupid DVO/EPO/Supervised visitations. I filed a motion that was 2 pages long, which the Judge probably hates, but there you go. This isn’t as easy and simple of a case as it seems because there’s a lot of contexts to be aware of and personality/characteristics that need to be explained. And she doesn’t have time for that. My ex-wife’s Atty filed a contempt motion that had about 5 points and every single one was at least inaccurate and at worst a flat-out lie. Like blaming me for my ex-wife canceling 2 visitations in a row by long and saying she thought she had COVID. She has had a vaccination, didn’t quarantine or go get a test. But yes, sure, she had COVID, which is why I was only able to see my daughter twice that month. And went 3 weeks without seeing her. It hurts it’s so bad. And no one cares.

The place that supervises our visitation canceled a date, too. Want to know why? Because the staff saw me dab a Lysol wet tissue on Cecelia’s hair where I had seen blue paint for 3 weeks. The staff said I said I was “disinfecting her.” As if I would ever say that #1. And #2, She also claimed that those wipes have bleach in them, even though the label clearly says it’s ammonia, not chlorine bleach in the liquid. If it were leach, people would be having all sorts of problems and complaints. But you can’t argue with these bureaucrats. Their schooling was limited. Very. Notice I stated “was.” Some people are lifelong learners, and some aren’t. They aren’t. But they are nice and polite. Just not super-smart (look a what their jobs are) which is devastating to my situation.

So I filed a motion to redocket our case(s) and we’ll meet once again on October 18 to see if we need to have a hearing. This is some slow stuff which doesn’t jive with me, who likes a lot of activity and action and results. Family Court is the opposite. It’s kick the can down the lane. Even the lawyers are in on it. I’ve had them tell me so, and I’ve experienced it firsthand, twice at least. That creates emotional and financial costs that end up being whittled down to the bone.