I visited with Cecelia today and it was an interesting meeting. She was filthy, as were her clothes and she had 10 pounds of dirt under her nails, 2 cuts where her mother somehow cut her finger twice instead of cutting her fingernail(and didn’t bother to clean them obviously). I suspect alcohol was involved. It’s the only reason and Cecelia has told me her mother has increased her consumption habits, as well as taking up smoking AGAIN, after fighting and slowly managing to quit 10 years ago. SO many wise decisions.

They are also living in a “bus” which is a camper? They are moving but no one has, or can, told me anything about it. Cecelia told me that was the reason she was so filthy. She had been in the “bus” where they will all soon be living. Casey, her father and Cecelia. Megan has moved to Indiana and has a couple of roommates and is cleaning houses for money. Such a waste of a smart person.

The facility the judge makes us meet at informed me that I can’t bring my daughter gifts. No chocolates, no little 3D printed knick-knacks, no nothing. Cecelia told me she likes meeting at that place. I hate it. She says we’re having to meet there “because of what I did.” Her mother is disparaging me, lying, and talking about inappropriate topics with our daughter. I’ve brought this to the judge’s attention. No response. Just like when I informed her Cecelia couldn’t sleep in her bed due to mice, bugs and roaches and that she’s not allowed to sit in her mother’s lap. How insane is that?