This is Ground Zero. This was the day I was with my daughter, her mother came to my house unannounced and uninvited and went haywire.

She tried to come into our house, ran back to her car which was parked in my driveway, pulled it out onto the street, and called the police.

This was the final straw for her and she was going to get a sense of control no matter what.

The police arrived, she realized they weren’t going to make the child go with her, which I would have allowed in the very first place had I been just asked and let known her mother was driving herself over.

The police asked if there had been any physical contact, and that was the trigger that set everything off.

She knew she could claim there had bee, which would not only allow her to leave with our daughter, which she would have anyway, and then escalate the whole thing through the roof. Which she did, and then drove off with our daughter.