Skull de sucre

My Most Epic 3D Printing Project

After running low on my favorite, usual filaments I print in, I find myself being forced to stretch outside my comfort zone, which is great. I look for those opportunities so I can learn new things and glean new perspectives. Apparently, the liberal arts side of my...
Don't snip off this zip-tie!

A Small Yet Critical Tip for Bowden Tube Printers

When I was brand new to this sport, knew nothing about 3D printing, as do most people. And we all want to help each other out. So there's the internet to guide us. What could go wrong? Well, this (this is an example illustrating one of my Life Lessons to my daughter...
worn gear teeth

My Anycubic Mega S 3d Printer Extruder Blowup & Breakdown

I learned what the purpose of the knob on the extruder on a 3D printer, my model at least, is for. It’s for tensioning, but not as I knew.

senor sandpaper

3D Printing Details to Learn & Know

I don't know why the editor won't allow me to escape this list-type typographical circle, so here we go, anyway:IMPORTANT THINGS TO KNOW ABOUT WALL LINE WIDTH:Wall Line Width – the width of a single wall lineTop/Bottom Line Width – the line width of both the...

Anycubic Mega S 3D Printer Tricks

If you own an Anycubic Mega S, as I do, here are the best ways to set things up, find resources, help, and do things for yourself to fix, modify and learn about your printer and the best ways to use, and not to abuse, the machine.

Albert and his printing machine

3D Plateau

Everyone plateaus at some point. The trick is figuring out how to kick it back into a lower gear and continue to escalate.