Since I’ve gotten this printer, it’s barely been idle. I have it running 24/7 just like a factory. I stop to maintain it, clean it, change out filaments, and that sort of stuff, but I’ve always got a project ready and one in the batter’s box. 

I’ve realized another reason I like this so much is that it is like running my own factory, with operations management, safety, accounting, finance, marketing, warehousing, and all that. I’d love to find some way to monetize this and have a sales/marketing operation going full force. 

So far I’ve been building simple things getting my feet wet and learning the ropes. And I am becoming more comfortable and getting a system down for doing things. I still need to learn the modeling software so I can make anything I want whatsoever, which is the end goal. To have my own engineering shop. 

I’m going to post each item I make, and some are more complex than others, some are for fun, and some are experimental. I’ve got a lot of learning to do, which is what I like about this. Among other things.

What I really need is. a dedicated work area for this stuff, but what I have is good enough for now and I’ll be moving soon. The workbench I built would have been perfect for this thing, but alas…