uMy Own Experiences

This is where I’m going to do my best to chronicle my own journey into 3D Printing. Documenting it all, while going about it, places limitations on the whole thing, since I’m only one man, unfortunately. I’m not alone in my optimism about there being an immanent productivity boom. A boom bolstered by technological advances, cheapening labor and greater global efficiencies in supply chain and yes, even more people becoming their own manufacturing hubs. Soon you won’t have to wait a couple of days for that item to be shipped from China. You can make it in your own home. 

I’d love to have 8 more arms, ten more hands, 2 more brains, and 20 more eyes and ears. I haven’t evolved to that monster yet, fortunately, or unfortunately. Perhaps I’ll print out what that might look like one day.

 Until then, I’m going got do my best to remind myself and alert others to what a challenge this enjoyable pastime includes. You have to love solving problems, be adept at working tiny machinery in darkly lit, cramped spaces with failing eyesight being taken into account. I have no small collection of flashlights, magnifying glasses, teeny screwdrivers with an assortment of heads, and contraptions that are beginning to render me looking like the Professor in “Back to the Future” if anyone remembers that movie.

 Cross that with another project I have underway, which is rewiring and installing the ultimate stereo and interior lighting of my vehicle, and the gear, wires, meters, and contraptions used in that, and you get the picture. Not to mention I usually conduct this activity during the wee hours of the night between 9 pm and daybreak, with my over-the-top stereo playing background music, such as Radiohead, at the same time. I’m sure both of my (strange-to-me) sets of neighbors believe they live next to Dr. Frankenstein.

But I assure them I’m not bringing bodies and hapless animals in and out of the house, but largely harmless(to them) tools, wires, gadgetry, only 1 cat(Rebecca- my cat) and all is well, legal and fine in here. I tend to allow my own natural biorhythms to dictate how my body operates in line with our solar system. It’s a lot less stressful to do it that way than try to force my body to operate within other people’s predefined schedules. And it’s a luxury, I admit, but one among no others, however. It helps me remain mentally and emotionally healthy in these times of great stress I find myself, with no other outlets, so I’ll take advantage of it.

That-long winded introduction out of the way, here is where I’ll try to chronicle my path. I’m now just getting started, and have a little time to get organized and things in working order. I’m grateful for that, although I’d gladly exchange that time for time being able to be spent with my daughter. But that’s been made impossible, so I’m leveraging this time for catching up, which I’m elaborating upon elsewhere on this website. Too many things, not enough me.