Here are the things I’m making as a move along with this new endeavor. I’m putting the finished projects here that come out well. Not all jobs end well. That’s how it goes. There are a lot of things that can go wrong, not unlike firing a rocket into space. You clean up, learn from your mistakes, thank God it wasn’t a total catastrophe, and go on to the next project, with new information in your head of what works, what not to do, and what to do better. That’s how things get better and expand. 

 I started small. The first thing I printed was the two owls as a test print. Scratch that. The first thing I printed was half of an owl. 


So there you go. I gave the Mr. and Mrs. Owls after that to Cecelia as toys. I haven’t shut down this printer since I got it, and I’ve printed tools, boxes, toys, tools, lots of useful stuff, and lots of just for fun stuff. 

There’s a lot to learn but it isn’t overwhelming or super-technical. I’ve learned FAR harder things than how to do what I’m doing and prepared to do. There’s an easy learning curve, in other words. 

As with all my hobbies, I’m sure I’ll grow this out to the maximum as much as it makes sense. And I’ll either plateau, turn it into something I can monetize, or just play with from time to time. We’ll see how it goes. It’s a deep rabbit hole, and the possibilities for this are endless, but I’m taking my time. As I learn more about it, the technology is also advancing, so maybe there will be a revolution that I’ll be prepared for as far as 3D printing goes.