I should start uploading the motions and evidence I supply for each of these hearings to accompany these announcements. It’s really piling up around here.

Tuesday, July 20 I believe was when. went and filed 2 more motions. 1 being the one to speak with the judge about the matters at the Children’s Safe Haven, which are out of control. The other, being a Motion to bifurcate the 2 mutually exclusive cases we have going on that have 2 case numbers, with two different codes to keep them separate and the judge herself told me last week they have nothing to do with one another. Right before she decided to combine the two into me and kick them as far into the future as possible, Being September 8. Basically almost 2 months away. That’s supposed to solve matters better, in the wisdom of our legal system.

My stance is each second that passes more damage is done to the relationship between me and my daughter, more disparagement is being allowed to occur by the mother, and more harm is coming to our “family” as it is. My daughter told me a few weeks ago she doesn’t remember what my house, her “home” even looks like. Meanwhile, she tells me her mother has moved them into a camper, and she now has 3 “homes” and while her husband moved out long ago, a new unmarried man has been spending the night in their house. I find that inappropriate to say the least, but have no one to even talk to it about. This is what was planned by the mother all along. Escape from evaluation, hidden from view, with no accountability or way to audit our child’s welfare by anyone. Total impunity.

So today is the hearing day for the Contempt of Court motion. I wait in a Zoom meeting room for over 2 hours. I’m finally greeted by the judge’s video screen. She states what she sees is the same thing I’ve file before. Before I have a chance to speak, she talks over me and asks if this wasn’t part of the 2 cases she balled up and threw into the distance as far as possible. I answered it was because they’re mutually exclusive and I’ve filed a motion to bifurcate them. Her response was that she knows better than I do, and my motion is denied, with a pound of the gavel to exclamate it. I appealed that this wasn’t about the efficiency of case hearing and is what’s in the best interest of the child. With a huff of exasperation, she told me it was denied. She hasn’t even read the motion I filed. Jus denied. See you in September.

Except I have motions filed for most every week until then. I’ll be seeing her again this week on Thursday the 29th. We’ll see how happy and willing she is to speak with me then. This is about the Children’s Safe Haven suspending my service, otherwise known as forbidding me from visiting with my daughter, for questioning authority. They write it up after the fact to back peddle saying touching my daughter’s hair with a sanitary wipe was inappropriate, to the point of not allowing me to see my daughter for a week. That’s a punishment, it sounds more like, for asking who was the supervisor’s manager. To which she responded after hours of back and forth that no one was. When I asked, “you report to someone, correct?” I received a 1 word, all capital response: “INCORRECT!”

I get to visit with her upon my next 1-hour visit with my daughter this upcoming Tuesday. This should be fun and interesting. We’ll see who becomes more uncomfortable and awkward.

UPDATED EDIT 8/3/2021- Mother cancels the impending visitation because she feels like she has “COVID-19” symptoms. Only the CHS doesn’t tell me this. They tell me she canceled due to Cecelia, our daughter, having “COVID-19 exposure.” That way of phrasing it has big ramifications which I do not believe were accidental.

So for the next week, I ask for evidence that she texted or called or whatever. Strangely she did both, apparently, which is something I’m still looking into. There’s a lot that’s strange about this event.

The CHS leads me to think our daughter had symptoms and needed to either be quarantined or get tested. They refused to tell me anything more or provide evidence it ever occurred. I had to subpoena, call the case manager, tell the judge, and get her attorney involved to ever get anything, and even then it was incomplete, given with an air of total offense, and is leading to them deciding on whether to keep me as. client, which I see no way of happening after that unnecessary, lengthy, and tiresome, but civil, battle. Welcome to the world of government.

I come to find out the next week when we have the scheduled visitation, that her mother texts for some reason that wasn’t provided on the phone screenshots, which the CSH eventually provided, for some reason, they also wouldn’t provide the whole thread of discussion which would provide context and is akin to editing the whole thing. But clearly she was calling to cancel. What other reason? But the text yields that it was SHE that allegedly had symptoms, NOT our daughter, this whole time. And I certainly wan’t scheduled to have a visitation with the mother.

So, think about this. Our daughter would have possible exposure to someone anytime she was in public who may feel symptomatic. Anyone. Whether the grocery store, her friends, or just walking down the street or at a park. The cancellation was based upon a moot reason which no one could even see at the CSH. They were more than happy to cancel, as they did themselves the very week before for no good, rational reason.

And on top of that, to no one’s surprise, during that week, she didn’t get tested. She didn’t quarantine. She said he reasons for not tending to that was because she had to tend to her nephews of something, which leaves her decrepit father who’s elderly and in poor health more susceptible than anyone to worry about since COVID far more likely would in fact kill someone with his health than a 6-year-old. Total lies and manipulation.

So she did nothing. And in her text, she stated she didn’t want to cancel, but if that was their policy, which she obviously knew it was, then she couldn’t prevent it. And otherwise wouldn’t even have to contact them for any reason. But she did anyway to make sure it was nice and canceled.

So there’s another week she made sure Cecelia couldn’t see or speak with me. Twice in a row, and three total. Next week I feel the center is going to terminate the service entirely, which is going to delight her to no end. But I’m meeting with the Judge on Thursday to explain all this. Should be interesting.

Neither she nor her attorney knows all of this yet, but it’s clear she’s using our daughter as a tool to prevent me from seeing what’s going on with her usual poor parenting and as retribution, as these cancellations began immediately after I filed and she found out about my filing the contempt motions. Even the blindness of Lady Liberty can see that’s no consequence. We’ll see if the judge agrees.