As directed by the helpful people in the Clerk of Court’s office and the very unhelpful Case Manager handling my daughter’s case, I went and filed two motions today. I’m getting to be on a first-name basis with the people at the CoC’s office, I’m spending so much time filing motions lately. But that’s everyone’s answer to “get something done.” File a motion and talk to the judge. Don’t bother anyone beneath her with my and my family’s case in Family Court, because that’s what they’re only being paid to do. Their attitude is as warm as someone who got my order wrong at Mcdonald’s. That’s the same league we’re dealing with.

I filed a motion to bifurcate the 2 cases previously consolidated by the judge for the DA order and my Contempt Case. THey’re mutually exclusive. Obviously.

I had to write a huge narrative about what’s going on at the Children’s Safe Haven which is a bad joke. That’s what I was told to do, and I included some evidentiary paperwork to help the judge. A string of emails, an email I sent to the Case Worker, and a copy of the “Disciplinary Action” which was incomplete, sloppy, and not signed off by anyone. Just a sheet of paper signed by the chick that supervises my 1-hour visit, who’s the “Program Director” and apparently a “Partner” and “Owner” depending on where she wants to try and flex.

So I’m on the docket for three hearings. We’ll see how far I get in this court system.