The people at the Children’s Safe Haven have abused their power. When I was there and the hour I was allowed to see my daughter was up, I was cleaning up for them, wiping the table and chairs down with a sanitary wipe. Which THEY GAVE ME. My daughter was standing next to me and I noticed she still had blue paint in her hair which has been there over two weeks. That means she hasn’t been getting regular baths.

So as she stood below me I dabbed the blue paint with the wipe the CSH GAVE ME to see if it was indelible or what. At the same time, I saw the supervisor writing in her notes. The supervisor then left with my daughter to return her with her mother. I waited behind.

When she got back I asked what she wrote down and why. She said she wrote that I had wiped her hair with a sanitary wipe, and that was inappropriate. She didn’t make a note that it was inappropriate. Just that I did it. I asked her to please write that wasn’t a negative thing and the wipes are safe for skin and hair, obviously. She said they weren’t and they have bleach in them and would bleach clothes, which is preposterous. And remember: they gave them to us to use!

I asked her for a copy of the notes, which I always do, and as she was copying them she kept saying she saw what she saw, which I wasn’t disputing. I remained courteous and calm. It was obvious she wasn’t going to relent in any way and admit she was wrong so I said good day and left.

The next day I received a text from her saying my services were suspended and I Wouldn’t be able to see my daughter the next week. She had “written me up.” The text didn’t elaborate anything but said to call with any questions I called the main number and of course got an answering machine. So I called the “24/7” which is a cell phone with a Frankfort area code, which is the state capitol. It’s obviously a state-issued cell phone paid for by the state that the person is using for whatever. But she knew exactly who I was when she answered.

She said what. did was inappropriate so she wrote me up. She didn’t do it while I was there, never said it was inappropriate, and didn’t say it was inappropriate in her notes. Only the next day was that determined to be inappropriate, which it wasn’t. It was because I questioned her authority.

She said she could send a copy to the judge to see if it was inappropriate which I said was not only welcome but I wanted pt to be CCd on that email. She said she couldn’t because that would reveal the judge’s email address. I should have just said to blind CC the judge’s address in that case. Instead, I asked her to send me an email with the response, which she said she’d do.

About 4 hours later I received a text saying the suspension stood and she’d see me in 2 weeks. She also sent me a photo of the back of the sanitary wipe canister, for some reason. No notes or arrows indicating what she was trying to state. I explained to her that it was unsafe to use in eyes, but that was it. I asked why she didn’t send the judge a note, and the response was to “do whatever made me feel better.” I explained that she, therefore, lied to me and broke a bond of trust which is dangerous since I’m trusting her with my daughter. She texted she understood, she’d see me in 2 weeks and to have a good night.

I have been refused the ability to see my daughter because of a power trip a 20 or 30-something young lady with a nose ring and a bad weave decided, and without proper reason given. There was no conference, no notice, no nothing. Just a text saying she decided I wouldn’t see my daughter for 2 weeks. That is an abuse of power if I’ve ever seen it.

So it’s on. It’s on like a prawn playing Donkey Kong at Dawn in Viet Nam. I’ll be visiting her on Monday morning to get the paperwork to show the judge, whom I have a hearing date with this upcoming Thursday, which is perfect timing.

EDIT: I had to get a subpoena to see their texts, which we edited and incomplete. And get the petitioner’s atty involved. And when I got all this evidence together and got in front of the judge to discuss it with her, she talked over me, said “too bad, so sad. NEXT!” After waiting usually around 3+ hours to get those 2 minutes. It’s great.