OK. Today things went a little better, although I had a tangle with the young lady at the Childres Safe Haven over a bit of total bureaucratic nonsense and uncalled-for attitude on her part.

I went to the Clerk Of Court and explained what had happened. They said the judge hadn’t scheduled anything or written any motions or orders for the future. Go figure.

So I was able to file a motion to redocket, for July 22, which is a motion to lift the supervised access with Cecelia. That will be huge. The Clerk said they would provide a notice to the Petitioner’s office, although I believe I will provide an email just before that date to remind Mr. Helmer he may want to show up for court again, which he doesn’t seem interested in.

I was also told that would be able to file. a motion to bifurcate once the motion from the judge is received, in the mail from the clerk. So There’s an opportunity to salvage this insanity that happened yesterday which was an attempt to have me agree to push the matters into the future as 1 matter, which the judge said wasn’t possible, then did of her own accord. It was under duress to say the lease. The judge gets paid by the “Next!s” and Helmers, when he gets paid at all, is encouraged to keep the case open as long as possible. No one, including Cecelia’s mother, has her or my or our “family” as it is, best interest’s at hand. Just me. And I can’t talk to anyone about it, least of all Cecelia, the poor thing.

Cecelia tells me Eli has been spending the night at her house now, and that she has three homes, her moms, the camper, and mine. As if this isn’t dysfunctional enough.