Virtue Signaling Gone Wrong

Here’s a hilarious blog post from the PR team at Buffer about how they’re “being transparent” as well as setting brave new trends in “gender pay inequity,” which has been a myth created and sustained by equality activists by hokey statistical misinterpretation for years.

Buffer, which is a useful SaaS, has decided to throw their hat in the social justice activist ring with everyone else, instead of worrying about optimizing their product. And pat themselves on the back for claiming to “fix” this huge gap they themselves (unwittingly and innocently, it seems) created and sustained since hiring both males and females when building their formidable business. The CEO gets almost $300k per year. He’s male, unsurprisingly, and reducing his pay to align figures hasn’t been mentioned. No word yet on how they pay transgendered non-binaries. Or the mention of them working there. But they certainly would be hired before middle-aged, heterosexual white men, no doubt. They are the last at the trough these days although they seem to assume and end up in the largest roles at companies by a whole, and reasonably, earn appropriate salaries for carrying the larger burdens and responsibilities. Though that “sounds” fair, it clearly isn’t according to some. who tend to make less and have less responsibility and take more time off, and be less productive overall. Typically, these end up being women. Don’t tell them, or the PR people at Buffer that though. The HR people might be able to explain it better.

But it goes to prove that there are lies and damn lies which are supported by statistics(!), which can be used to prove anything, really. 70% of people know that. Statistically speaking.

So how is Buffer tackling the decades-long problem of disparity between the sexes when it comes to paying at their company? Transparency!

No, actually, what they’re doing is illegal and unethical. But when spun a certain way, it’s cutting-edge and should be applauded and even emulated by lesser firms trying to keep up with such corporate fairness.

They’re reducing the “pay gap” between the sexes. But how they’re doing it is by discriminating against hiring males, and simply hiring more females at a lesser salary. They’re cutting labor costs by cutting the more expensive labor. And balancing it with hiring solely more females for less money. Killing two birds with one stone, so to speak. More females hired, male and female salaries closer in line with one another. Voila! Business genius at work!

Except doing that is illegal. And it’s unethical. And calling it something it isn’t to generate applause for themselves by social justice nitwits is even more unethical than that.

What do you think about it?

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