As I was searching for a GIF that displays “conspiracy theories” and “tin foil hats,” I thought I’d better not destroy all credibility before even getting going here. Because my theories (I use “wild” in the header as an attempt to spark your interest) aren’t such.

One goal I have with these hopefully popular theoretical posts is to learn. I’m curious about these things. Enough to create a whole web series on them. My research will be housed here as a repository to either prove or disprove whatever I tend to think. My thoughts and opinions presented here are the ones I’ve been working on in my head the longest to figure out. I have many always swirling around in my noggin but these seem the most pertinent. Why I believe cats are still undomesticated is probably nothing anyone cares about. I don’t need to A/B test or roundtable that one.

They’re well-formed lifelong interests and matters that I’ve done research on, not to mention learning about in, oh, so many years of academia. For whatever that’s worth these days. It’s worth not being an ignoramus, I suppose. And being able to figure out how things come to be. I can connect dots well. I can net things out. I know what consequences lie ahead when it seems some others can’t. Or don’t care. I can see far down the road in both directions. I can create metaphors!

For whatever reason, it’s how we’ve come to be in some HUGE predicaments in this country that were avoidable. And now, in my lifetime mind you, the consequences form the incremental messes we have on our hands on some enormous scale. Huge. And we’ve had a lot more tampering with things by politicians and an increasingly dumber citizenry(and millions who live here who aren’t citizens – another matter that was avoidable I have a theory on of course.) The size of the US has doubled in my lifetime, and the size of the government has outpaced that, easily. I’ve watched this in real-time mind you. The doubling of the population has had some dramatic consequences on our country. In SO many ways.

I’m not alone in these theories, but no one ever talks about them. They indict certain groups of citizens wholesale for one thing, which people shy away from. (I’m against generalizing, generally. 🙂 ) I’m opinionated and welcome debate though. And I will call people out when appropriate. It makes us stronger as a country and as individuals.

These items I’m going to discuss under this Category may not be things anyone else even thinks about. I have no idea. They should because they are some of the most profoundly problematic issues of our country. The obesity epidemic (Forget Covid, morbid obesity is what’s killing us. Not to mention diabetes and heart disease. All related to my theory.) The state of our public and private school systems in America now. The state of our Universities and Colleges and the people that are enshrined within them. I have some rigid theories on all of these things, and I mention bits and pieces of them here and there through life, but never have really explained myself. I’ve found that can be dangerous. Context matters.

With some people, if you give them a nanometer of an opening, they’ll come barging through your door and then claim you assaulted them.

So without further ado, here are the theories I have about things around this place:

*These are being completed in no particular order. Just as the mood and thoughts strike me. This list will grow I assure you. I’m full of theories, if nothing else.

A common theme among these theories I can’t help but notice is that things got worse at points I easily define when the government stepped in full force. (Writing that probably put me on some sort of Biden FBI watch list, but that doesn’t mean it’s untrue. Truth, however, is something that has lost most of its value in the US. Most. Not alI — I hold it dear, for example.)