I have a hearing set for today at 11:00 am to meet with the judge about rescinding the supervised access. It goes poorly, as it appears the court wants to heap as much misery and toil upon me as possible in the name of me paying an attorney to file my paperwork for me, and nothing more.

I wait 4+ hours to see the judge, and she sends me packing because I don’t have any paperwork to show her that I provided the Petitioner’s attorney with the documents I filed, although they automatically are sent to him It’s a big, expensive game to everyone.

So I thank the judge for seeing me and head to the Clerk of court, who are very helpful. I file a motion to Redocket. It’s filed, and I have court dates now for June 24, 28, and another for a criminal complaint the mother filed against me for good measure. Amazing how people can become so evil.