Second Visit with Cecelia. I’ve been filing and trying to do everything I can to make life resemble something normal.

Note, at the first visit with Cecelia, she showed up with stitches on her forehead with a bandage covering them. The Children’s Safe Haven would not allow me to photograph her or the injury, which is absurd by any measure.

She still had the stitches in this visit, and still had a bandage. I asked the people at the Children’s Safe Haven what their protocol was when a child shows up with noticeable injuries. I was told they may or may not report it to Children’s Health and Welfare.

To me, covering up injuries to children while running a “Children’s Safe Haven” is preposterous. The whole setup is questionable with that in mind.

The person I spoke with says she’s going to talk to the Executive Director of the “business?” over a cell phone.

I have no time for such silliness, so I head to the courthouse.