Let’s Go Grocery Shopping with Michael!

As Americans now know, the prices of everything are going through the roof, coupled with record-high inflation. That means a dollar is worth a LOT less than it was, say under the last president when the economy was roaring. Does anyone recall that besides me?

And I’m price-sensitive. I live on a tight budget I set for myself, because I have a daughter I love more than life itself, and I want our budget to be focused on her well-being, happiness, and overall health and future as much as possible. I am alone as a parent in that sentiment, which makes it that much more important that both parents who have undertaken this awesome commitment get a high ROI on our daughter, for her sake. Not ours. I could easily buy a Ferrari now and just neglect my daughter, but that would be evil, reckless, and selfish beyond measure. I would never do that. I love my daughter too much! But she isn’t getting that from her other major resource, who has a higher income than I, which she’ll happily tell anyone all about that she meets, no matter the age or willingness. As a business person who is prone to logic and reason as well as a deep love for my sweet daughter Cecelia, that’s how I see it.

And I buy a lot of the same groceries. For myself and my daughter. So I know what these things historically have cost and notice patterns in inventory, especially now that prices are skyrocketing. Yeah, it may only be a few bucks here and there, but that’s how things add up: some here, and some there, and with the rapid disintegration of the value of the dollar since January 2020, along with the increase in costs, it’s a reality. Bare shelves, record-high inflation, shrunken choices in the market as a whole – it’s 3rd world. No one’s saying it but that’s what it is. And with the new “Ministry of Disinformation” the president has handed the DHS to regulate, we now have a censorship bureau to round out the horrors the last election when voters unleashed this presidency on America. After being warned. And sitting in a very good place in every way in life that matters most.

So here are some things tonight I saw that have increased dramatically that I normally buy:

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