How to Get More Google traffic to your website

Here’s a quick, easy, and repeatable process to get more Google traffic to your website:

  • 1. Open Google Search Console for your website.
  • 2. Go to the “Performance” tab.
  • 3. Toggle on the “Average Position” selector.
  • 4. Click on the arrow next to “Position” to sort the queries by rank.
  • 5. Look for keywords that are applicable to your business, in positions 10-30.
  • 6. Click on one of the keywords that you want more traffic from.
  • 7. Click the “Pages” tab, identify the page that’s currently ranking in positions 10-30 for the keyword.
  • 8. Go to that page on your website, add the verbatim keyword to the Title Tag, Headers, and rewrite your on-page text content to incorporate the keyword. Add an image or two, relvant to the keyword to the page, use the verbatim keyword in the image alt text.
  • 9. Go to 3 other pages or blog posts on your site that are also relevant to the keyword. Write a few sentences about the keyword there as well, link to the 10-30 page using the verbatim keyword as anchor text.

This is a repeatable activity that’s a quick and easy way to get more Google traffic to your website. Try it out!

How to get more Google traffic to your website
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