Something Warranting A Serious Explanation

Tonight I arrived to visit with my daughter for my allocated time. I’m not going to go into why that arrangement exists because it’s been explained ad infinitum at this point. Either you know why or you don’t and if you don’t, It’s explained elsewhere. This is what has resulted as a deliberate effect of the situation that’s been created by an insidious participant in my life.

I sent an email to the center explaining a payment hadn’t been placed into my account yet today, which would be enough to cover what I’m REQUIRED to pay to see my daughter. You read that right. And the costs don’t end there, oh no.

I’m also assessed a $2 fee for being REQUIRED to use a debit or credit card to pay for their service. On top of that, I’m charged $1 per 2 copies of papers of their idiotic notes they take during our visits that MUST be included with any motions sent to the judge, in my never-ending attempts to correct this situation. So all in all, a visit could cost me nearly $100.00 all said and done when I leave there. EVERY WEEK. That’s a big disruption in my already severely-tight budget, which has been explained to the judge, the CSH, and anyone involved with deaf ears. It’s something that’s merited no consideration by anyone that has been given control of things in this matter, which is only our lives and emotional/mental/physical well-being. NBD.

And if that isn’t ridiculous enough, they charge a $10 LATE FEE and another by-the-minute charge for being late thereafter. So, for example, I was detained one night by an accident and was there at 5:48. My visitation time is 5:45-6:45. They “ask” me to be there 10 minutes early. So since I wasn’t there at 5:35, I was hit with a huge 13 minute LATE FEE! Even though my daughter wasn’t there and I was being given NO SERVICE. That’s time I have to sit in a waiting room to see my daughter, and they put me on THEIR schedule. Which I’d have no problem with, mind you. If they said the appointment was at 5:35. Which they don’t. Anywhere. But it doesn’t have to be a written policy there. It’s literally “whatever they say,” which is the power the judge has appropriated these young girls that work there, and don’t think they aren’t on power trips, my friend. Most have no college degree between themselves. And that’s who Cecelia and I have dictating our very lives and relationship with one another and the dynamics of a family my (then) wife and I decided on and agreed upon. My ex-wife pounced on an opportunity to exploit the law to remove all parental and adult, for that matter, abilities from me and give it to a bunch of strange women at a depressing Business Park in South Louisville. The remainder of the control goes to her, which was her plan. And she executed it at great expense, manipulation, and deception. I hope she’s exploding with bliss at her latest accomplishment to serve herself only.

I’m always early or on time at our visitation center. This is something they deliberately make notes of to give the judge too to make it look like I’m habitually late. Their observational notes, I’ve noticed, which are about all I have to use as evidence to support my case to change the situation, by asking the Judge via filing incessant motions as I’ve been told to do and legally should, all contain the most NEGATIVE aspects they can find to include, and ignore anything positive, which is our entire visitation. I and my daughter are beside ourselves with joy to be united, even just for an hour a week, which is all her wise mother, 12 years my junior mind you, has given us. A lot of their “notes” are nothing more than saying Cecelia and I drew pictures or played on the floor. Such valuable insight into our complex relationship that is being torn apart before their very eyes!

A giant pile of receipts from a poorly kept-bookkeeping system the CSH maintains. They edit their “invoices” at will like a line of credit/indentured servitude which you’d find in work-release programs or prison.

That’s an assessment placed on me by the judge, in an under-the-table agreement between the 6th District Circuit Court of Jefferson County, Kentucky and the Children’s Safe Haven, a private, registered with the state, (probably registered surreptitiously as a “Non-profit”) business that conducts my now court-ordered hourly weekly visits with my own beautiful daughter, as requested by her mother, for purely personal benefit. Not our daughter’s mind you. Her mother’s. That’s whose name is on all the documents, and who she’s paying to represent herself in this case. Not Cecelia Musgrove, but her mother with an entirely different name and husband, who’s she’s been separated from for way longer than they knew each other before marrying, and remain married for financial reasons and no other possible reason. She’s never gone to see him in NJ where he now lives, and it’s not a marriage in any real sense. Just on paper and for appearance, which is all she’s capable of sustaining. It’s a terribly dysfunctional example br=eing set for our daughter, at the very least. And my child has told me at length of the hostile fights they got into to the point she’d go hide in the back yard to get away from them, she’s told me herself. She was 5 years old at that time.

This isn’t the first time I’ve been sent away and not allowed to even see my daughter because I couldn’t give them enough money. I had money to give them, mind you. Just not enough at that. time, which they’ve let me tack onto later bills, and they get paid promptly and with eternal thanks and gratitude. I’m no deadbeat.

So, explain how holding my daughter as collateral and leverage to squeeze every dime from me isn’t the very definition of kidnapping and a hostage situation? I can’t see any difference at all, except it’s being supported by a judge supposedly in accordance with some law that’s never been disclosed by anyone. Because it doesn’t exist. It’s unconstitutional, as well as the judge allowing the center to censor what I say to my daughter, and even the volume we say things to one another. We can’t whisper to one another or else we’re “written Up” and threatened to cease visits if continued. Seriously. Convicted, incarcerated felons have more freedoms than my daughter and I do thanks to a family court judge and the apparatuses afforded to the court. It’s totalitarianism in America. Enough people aren’t impacted by it or the right people haven’t been ensnared to do anything about it. But I’ll bet if the Judge was suddenly found in my shoes, things would immediately become dramatically different. I can’t wait for that to happen, unfortunately.

So I’m precisely in a position where if I don’t cough up the money to see my daughter, I never will again. That’s it. Is that right? I don’t feel so. And attorneys don’t want to get tied up in this, even if I could afford them. Public assistance is doubling down on this governmental nightmare we’re trapped in.

What would you do?

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