¡Ay CARAMBA! – What a Week!

I managed to move a few glaciers 1mm each this week. Which is progress, technically. That’s how an ant eats an elephant: one little bite at a time. And I’ve got a number of unexpected and unappreciated Mastodons I’m working on devouring at the moment. While simultaneously pushing 5 large boulders up a mountain myself.

I don’t like complaining, so I’ll skip that part and get on with the good stuff: what I learned and saw this week was good, which was a lot. At least I can say that.

I love my little girl Cecelia so much it hurts, so that is always my top priority, with a lot of attached priorities to her. And with her in mind, I managed to compose the mother of all Motions which I filed today November 12, 2021, placed on the docket for Dec 2, 20201(3 entire weeks away, which is the fastest it can move in our court system), which will be a Coup. It’s a 75-page tome of 2 primary legal reasons why my daughter is better off being with me rather than a bunch of legally unrelated, and questionable people that she’s been spending the night with during the week and driving all over the Midwest by. I’ve included 16 irrefutable supportive pieces of third-party evidence. There are no parental rules for her mother in existence amazingly, which she’s going to fight to maintain as hard as she can to maintain. Why wouldn’t she, or anyone? Freedom vs. undue persecution, as I’m experiencing? This is also violating my First Amendment rights, which I addressed in detail. That should interest and be appreciated and popular with a Court of law, no?

There is no oversight, help, insight, or observation whatsoever is desired by the mother, and in fact, the more of a cloak around her little world, the better. That isn’t in our child’s best interest, and no one can convince anyone it is. It’s highly distressing to anyone that sincerely cares about the Child. I also have a group of a few hundred, if not a thousand, people that will happily stand behind me and attest for my character any day of the week, anytime, as a father, person, friend, and citizen. The Petitioner has no one of any credibility or magnitude available to do that and never will, that she doesn’t pay for that dubious service. That fact has been legitimately proven over 15+ years of her 40-year life and is undeniable with no serious consideration or credibility able to be given to her mother.

The fact that my daughter and I have been torn apart for so long by her mother is only partially what’s so absurd about her actions. The lunacy and hysteria flowing down from there have permeated every crevice of my and my daughter’s lives.

I’m going to right this ship if it takes every last breath I have. Cecelia deserves it. I’m the only one arguing on her behalf and I’ve worked on correcting this situation every day for well over six months now. It’s me and her. And that’s evidenced on the legal paperwork as to who her mother’s attorney represents: the mother, not our child. It’s “Watson v Musgrove” and Cecelia and I are the only Musgroves involved or named in this case. That’s happily on me, which of course everyone wants to ignore because it reflects poorly on her mother’s obvious motivations and lack of capabilities.

That’s the society we live in now as displayed to me by our child’s mother and the Court: protect feelings over children’s lives and best interest at anyone’s expense but the mother’s. I’m aiming to change that on December 3, because I was taught how to cope with my own feelings rather than have someone take care of my life for me. Our daughter doesn’t have that choice, unfortunately, and the mother decided it’s best to let a person who knows no one involved at all make those decisions for 16 straight years of Cecelia’s life as she grows up instead of her natural parents, and highly capable and willing father.

So there’s been that.

Another victory was that after my 3D printer broke down, I now have it back up and running like new again and printing like butter. That’s pretty amazing to me: Within a business week, I was able to troubleshoot a totally crapped-out, over-worked printer, contact China, get parts shipped and repair the printer myself and have it back on the field 4 days later. That shows advancements in my knowledge of 3D printing as well as some smart decisions made by the manufacturers of my printer, Anycubic. Since the US ports are all currently FUBAR, parts from China are taking forever to get to their destinations in the US. So Anycubic hired a distributor to send out easily-sent-out parts, like extruders, hot ends, etc… here in the US. Total wait time for me? 2 days. So I’m happy about that.

Why? Well, it’s not because I like playing around with my toys and ignoring important matters. It’s because I need distractions and areas to divert my attention and focus for periods of time away from the important matters I’m currently handling, such as custody issues, my job search, my living arrangement, and the future of me and my daughter together. To maintain sanity we all need to diversify our mental chores and emotional states.

I used to exercise rigorously every day, for decades. But one day several years ago I popped something in my left knee which has caused me to protect that joint if I can. They aren’t built to last forever, unfortunately. There are other ways to get various types of exercise other than running, tennis, sports, and activity I enjoyed in my younger years. I still get lots of exercise and am physically as healthy as I can possibly be right now. My daughter and I exercised vigorously every day when together all over the place. But the Court ended that, and she gets no meaningful exercise anymore, according to her. While eating a steady stream of pizza, Pop-Tarts, candy, doughnuts, and garbage, then complains to me of hunger, every visit. That’s hard to listen to as her father, and as someone who’s forbidden to address it at all by the Court.

Playing guitar, 3D printing, cooking, cleaning, packing, tinkering, and building and mental activity helps keep me balanced. I never realized when I bought the 3d printer that it would be so valuable in helping me keep my mind working optimally. Writing like this is helpful too, and is a creative outlet that also develops invaluable skills for life. Keep in mind these are activities I was teaching our daughter to learn, as well as riding a bike and a million other skills she wants to learn that she’s now being deprived of.

So, with my 75-page motion filed, I can put away my paperwork until December and concentrate on cash flow, moving to another house, if not state (going back to SC with my daughter is a goal I have which has been discussed and agreed upon with her mother, whenever she’s “in the mood” to listen. Which changes hourly on her whims.)

I just need to remember to send a copy of my filing to the mother’s attorney sometime right before the hearing date, as her attorney has been so kind to afford me, then complain to the judge about me doing the same. That’s how this goes. Petitioner blames Respondent for the exact same things she does, denies doing it, and takes the lies before the judge to be signed in a flimsy affidavit signed that “to the best of [her] knowledge all statements” her attorney wrote, no matter how preposterous, “are true” although, in reality, they are outright lies. Her mother can then ignorantly sign that document truthfully and it can become a Court Order. How scary is that!?

That’s just one loophole and one of the slimy, sneaky ways things get done in court by Family Court and defense/trial lawyers. They usually aren’t “A-game” attorneys by any legitimate standard which is apparent by their pattern of dubious practices and hollow, lame rhetoric. I’m not a fan of clearly, or deceptively, underhanded methods, if you couldn’t tell.

The colors in KY are very pretty now. It’s amazingly sad that when I last was freely with my daughter it was Spring 2021. It’s now into November, 2021. I’ve missed my birthday with her, her 6th birthday(I was also forced to miss her 5th birthday by her mother), Halloween, the start of 1st grade/school for her, and am about to miss Thanksgiving, and possibly Christmas this year. That IS her life, and mine, which are growing apart, not together. Not in anyone’s best interest but her mother’s.

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