Welcome to our Little Rabbithole on the Webthanyaverhmuch

This is how we do things around here.

Welcome to mmusgrove.com, which is the website I, Michael, father of Cecelia, a sweet, smart little worm named after my mother, am placing things for people to discover about us and the things we find together and enjoy.


There’s a big age difference between us, but we share the same deep curiosity of the amazing world we both inhabit. While naturally we share a lot of the same tastes, we have some very different and useful perspectives on everything around us wherever we may be, and together we are discovering joy together in the smallest and greatest of things the world has to offer, that I’ve either overlooked or long-forgotten, and she’s seeing for the very first time.

This site is where I’m keeping lessons I’ve learned over life that often have come at great expense, so that she doesn’t have to pay fo them unduly. I’ve been afforded experiences in life, both good and bad, that have yielded some thoughts, memories and possible wisdom, but more for general well-thought-over ideas for her and others to use to get through life.  I’ve always told her that I’m not going to tell her how to live. That’s for her to decide. But I can certainly give her guidelines and best practices from a lifetime of trying and failing, and maybe failing again, until I get it right. I explain that no one’s perfect and if you aren’t failing, you aren’t trying hard enough.

Who am I?

Michael Musgrove Yours truly at around 17.

I’ve been around the block a few times since then. So it’s hard to give a worthwhile 1-minute elevator speech about myself.

I’ll put it this way: I grew up very privileged and exploited that every way I could, which was fantastic and I have lots of wonderful, incredible memories and stories, that I’ll tell over time here to share with my daughter and the world. They’re too good, and both amazing and funny, to allow to not share for posterity.

I’ve posted about it here and there already on this site, so I don’t want to be redundant. I haven’t elaborated on any of it though, and there are some funny stories to be told, which is what I want to pass along. I’ve reached a point n my life where I feel comfortable in the context and manner in which I deliver the stories, so they aren’t without credibility, poorly told, or going to step on too many people’s toes.

With one glaring exception, which I want to expressly and deliberately discuss. It’s about the mother of our daughter, who I do not, in any way mean to disparage. However, there’s no way to tell a story about something honestly and with credibility, without relaying the truth, which is the purpose of these efforts. To ask me to lie to cover up the truth for someone who has hurt my daughter isn’t thinking things through.

I’m not trying to trash anyone – I don’t personally care. But when people do awful things, then claim that the act of revealing their misdeeds is “disparagement,” then I ask, what would not constitute disparagement in that circumstance?

That said, about midway through my life, I met a young lady, who at that point I can look back and say things began on a downward trajectory. It’s yielded a daughter who I wouldn’t trade for anything, but also a life of misery that has also provided some stories that would amaze and are worth sharing. Life usually isn’t all roses I’ve discovered. Or maybe it is, but once the blossoms fall and you’re left with nothing but thorns, it makes for what’s known as the tragic comedy.

So a lot of the writing and material will be both joyful, full of love and happiness and mixed with some sadness and reality of life I’ve experienced, But that’s what makes a life whole, they say.


Who is she?

queen cecelia

She is perfection.

Cecelia is my little daughter who’s 5 now (Birthday is 07/11/2015) and is the most amazing person in the world to me. There is nothing I could possibly ask for more in a child or any person. She’s just perfect. She’s so sweet, considerate, smart, thoughtful, selfless, creative, energetic, and full of love it makes me well up with tears just thinking of her some days to wonder what I’ve done to deserve such an amazing daughter.  I’m totally serious.

Unfortunately, at age 2, our home found itself broken. So now her mother and I live apart in 2 completely different worlds, although just miles apart from one another.

It’s making life unbelievably hard for everyone, so we’re working through that now very delicately, relatively speaking. My heart is broken forever about this fact and so there’s only so much we can do, but I want to make sure Cecelia is protected as best as possible.

I try to be very careful about what and how much I put online about Cecelia. I’m well aware there are some terrible people on this Earth, all too aware. So I’m guarding her. At the same time, we can’t live inside plastic wrap and act like ninnies. It’s a matter of being well-informed all the time, alert and attentive. And that I am of her 100% of the time, believe me. I’m an Eagle. Unfortunately, her mother is only capable of acting more like a chicken with its head cut off. So there’s that to contend with all the time.

We share joint custody, and we both live in Louisville, KY. However, the single and only reason all three of us are here is so her mother can work at the job she and I worked so hard at having her attain.

Cecelia and I want to return to South Carolina where I’m from. And her mother won’t hear any of it because she can’t find a job anywhere else.

Anyway, it’s a mess currently, but I’m going to right this ship one way or another.

I have all sorts of plans I want to involve Cecelia with, like traveling to Europe, New Zealand, where I’ve spent considerable time, and exploring this planet and broadening her horizons as I was able to do. Having done it myself, I can attest it’s a worthwhile investment in every way.

But she isn’t going to do it under her mother’s bony wing here in KY.

I’ve been taking care of Cecelia since she was literally born, so I have endless amounts of media to post here, and things we’ve found together, and still discover all the time. It’s a journey we’re on together, despite being pulled apart right now.

So, more to come soon!