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Cecelia gets Half a Haircut

Cecelia came through the door the other day with half of her head shaved. The other half has not been cut since she and I were split up almost 10 months ago so it’s way too long and tangly. It seems no Michael means no...

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Criminal Court PTI Today

My lawyer was supposed to email me photos the officer took, promised the last time we met, which if I remember was in August 2021? So after calling her 2 times and still not being given any way to directly contact her(which I...

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Turned Away Again from Visiting with Cecelia

Arrived at the CSH tonight with gifts for Cecelia and was turned away because I could only afford half of their bill to see her. I know what it’s like to be in an actual kidnapping/hostage situation now. How do I explain...

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Visitation With Cecelia

I had a wonderful visitation with Cecelia today, my allotted 1 hour. Which I have to pay for. There are 2 ways to look at that: A 1-hour ransom I have to pay each week(which has now become a matter of months, which is completely...

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